About Us

St. Clare School is a faith driven school that does not just teach the Catholic faith, but does its best to live it. Modeling of Christian values is woven into the entire fabric of the school from the teachers, staff, and parents to older students who mentor younger students. The entire school community strives to think of and serve others and create humble and charitable servants of Christ.


St. Clare Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Vision Statement

St. Clare School provides students with diversified instruction and rigorous academics enhanced by the 21st century skills of innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, and technology in order to be successful with the challenges of a global society.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Clare Catholic School is to instill Catholic morals and gospel values in a caring, respectful environment.  Our school fosters a love for learning and academic excellence that prepares learners for success in high school. As unique children of God, all grow in mind, body, and spirit to become responsible leaders in our global community.


St. Clare School exists as a living example of a Catholic community in action. With the parents as the primary educators, the faculty, staff, clergy, and administrators consider it essential to teach the student to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral, and ethical principles exemplified in the Gospel. Worship, academics, community, and service to others come together at St. Clare School to offer a well rounded, quality, Catholic education, which focuses on the whole child. St. Clare School prepares students for a lifetime love of learning, service to God, and responsible membership in the school, community, and ever-changing world.


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