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Kindergarten through Eighth Grades 1:1 Implementation
Launched in the spring of 2014, the fifth through eighth grade students and teachers participate in a 1:1 tablet implementation. In the Fall of 2020, we have added Kindergarten through fourth grade students and teachers to help navigate the need of Virtual Learning.  Recognizing the ever-increasing importance of digital technology in the lives of students worldwide, St. Clare Catholic School aspires to provide our students with every advantage in high school preparation. As textbooks evolve from the printed page to the digital screen, the iPad and a multitude of apps which will be provided to each student by the school afford students more content in their digital textbooks than hard copies do, at a fraction of the cost. The iPad and apps are considered property of the school. Each iPad is covered by an additional third party insurance company. The insurance covers accidental damage, theft, flood, natural disasters, etc and is included in the fees.

Teacher Professional Development
Teachers at St. Clare Catholic School have been provided iPads and laptops and a multitude of professional development opportunities to integrate technology into the curriculum. Our staff has a combined total of over 500 hours of professional development in successfully implementing iPads into the classroom. Some of the professional development opportunities include: attending the iTeach Academy in Miami, visiting Apple Distinguished Schools, viewing webinars, in-house professional development, creating and implementing lessons, attending FETC Conference, training offered by Title II funding, and participating in self exploration. In addition, All of our classrooms are currently equipped with a teacher's iPad, an Apple TV, and a compatible content projection system.