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History: St. Clare Catholic School has a long proud history of athletics in Palm Beach County dating back to the early 70’s. As charter members of the Middle School Activities Association St. Clare has competed with the public schools as well as the Catholic Schools Athletic League. St. Clare was the last private school to withdraw from the MSAA, and currently competes only in the Catholic Athletic League and the Christian Baseball League which was started in 2007 by St. Clare and several private schools in the county. The Catholic Athletic League added baseball in 2013.

Philosophy: The philosophy of athletics at St. Clare is based on respect. Students are coached to respect the game, the opponent, the officials, teammates and mostly to respect themselves. This encourages practicing hard to become the best you can be and also a high level of sportsmanship. Several of our athletes have been recognized by game officials and been awarded Sportsmanship Trophies. All teams at St. Clare win with humility and lose with grace.

The successes experienced in athletics at St. Clare are many fold. Dedicated athletes and volunteer coaches who take pride in representing our school are at the top of the list. Coaches that volunteer their free time are a valuable piece of the puzzle as they teach proper fundamentals and a love of the sport and the value of competition. Our past successes will guide our future which looks bright, GO SAINTS!


Varsity Sports for grades 6, 7 & 8
Boys Flag Football
Girls Volleyball
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Girls Lacrosse
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Boys Baseball
Girls Softball

J.V. Sports: Grades 5 & 6
Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
Girls Volleyball

Coed Sports for Grades 5 thru 8

Cross Country

5 8 Grade