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All uniforms must be purchased from the school’s designated uniform supplier.



Skorts Khaki/blueSkirts



Jumpers w/white


Elastic waist shortsShorts






Harris Polo Shirts


Pre-K 3 & 4   GG/BG/BB G/B


1st Grade

 G GG/BG/BBOptionalG/B

2nd – 4th Grade G G G/BBG/BG/B

5th – 8th GradeGGG  G/BBG/BG/B


Girls’ skorts, shorts, jumpers and skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

Matching Shoes: No open toe or open heel shoes may be worn. Tennis shoes may be worn. Boots are not permitted.

Matching Socks: White, navy, black only. Quarter sized emblems in the same color scheme.

Cool Weather: All students must wear regulation outerwear only. St. Clare warm-up jackets and pants, navy pull over sweatshirt, emblemed navy fleece jacket, or navy sweater are the only approved outerwear in or out of the building. (Weather below 60⁰, students are permitted to wear solid black, white, or navy long sleeves under polos. Students may wear non-regulation jackets when outside the school building. Girls may wear solid black, white, or navy leggings under the uniform).

It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to see that the students come to school dressed according to school regulations.

All students must wear the regulation physical education attire (purchased at the school). Students in grades K-5 will wear their P.E. uniform to school on P.E. days and remain in that attire for the day. Students in grades 6-8 will wear their school uniform on P.E. days and will be expected to change into their P.E. clothes.

On days when there is a school Mass, students must wear their formal uniform: Boys’ long navy or khaki pants and girls’ jumpers (Pre-K-4) or skirts (5-8).

All students must wear their shirts tucked in their shorts, skirts, skorts, or pants.


Students are to wear clean and neat clothes: No cutoffs, no ragged fringe cuffs, no holes or tears in slacks/shorts/tops. Boys and girls may wear shorts that will be no more than 2 inches above the knee on non-uniform days. Plain, clean and neat shirts/tee shirts with no unacceptable artwork, slogans, or logos may be worn. No leggings, no tank tops, no mid-tops exposing midsection, no outerwear resembling underwear or pajamas, no clothing that reveals undergarments, no low-cut dresses, no open shoes or sandals (except for dances), no over shirts covering up inappropriate outfits.


Students are not allowed to wear make-up at any time. This includes eye make-up, nail polish, and acrylic nails.

Boys:   Hair should be clean and neat. Unusual haircuts are not permitted; traditional cut, above the collar, not in the eyes, not below the ears, with no shaved lines, numbers, or letters cut into hair, and no unnatural color. Closely shaved heads or areas of the head are also not allowed.

Girls:    Hair should be clean, neat, and not in the eyes. Unusual haircuts are not permitted; no shaved sides, lines, numbers, or letters cut into hair, and no unnatural color.  Headbands without embellishments and maximum of two bows are permitted.

Only appropriate jewelry is allowed. Two bracelets may be worn at a time. One pair of small earrings (nickel size or smaller) may be worn by girls only. Tattoos and body piercings are not allowed.

The Administration reserves the right to determine any fad, style of hair, or appearance inappropriate for school, and students may be kept out of school until a correction is made. In addition, students who violate the dress code may be asked to exchange their inappropriate attire for a school uniform. The clothing will be returned when the laundered school uniform is returned.