boxofjoy_imageThis month St. Clare Catholic School will be participating in the Box of Joy program, a Christmas gift ministry organized through Cross Catholic Outreach Inc. By packing a Box of Joy with toys and other gifts, your student will bless a child suffering from extreme poverty by sharing the joy of Christmas and planting seeds of hope through the Gospel.

We have set a goal to bless 300 impoverished children in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Guatemala. A list of items is included on our page for you to choose from, to purchase for these children in need. Small, toys, crayons, personal items, hard candy are all great gift ideas. The below larger items are the basic needs, and for those items we are having special days to encourage and excite the kids toward giving.

  • Friday October 21 is crazy sock day, if your child brings in a package of socks for their box, they can wear any crazy socks of their choice to school that day.
  • Friday October 28 is t-shirt day, if your child brings in a t-shirt for their box, they can wear a shirt of their choice with uniform bottoms.
  • The week of November 3 is reusable water bottle AND flip flops week. Once each class has 100% participation in bringing in a reusable water bottle, a pair of flip flops, and the bag of extra goodies (as mentioned above), their homeroom will be allowed to enjoy an extra recess.

Please click here for more information and the list of items.